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Since 1971

Where Envelopes Come From

Bespoke Envelope Manufacturing

For over 40 years Trimfold has specialised in bespoke manufacturing and customised envelope printing to suit a vast array of specifications and print requirements, including specialist window sizes, sealing methods and bespoke opaques. Our plant has the capability to not only manufacture your required envelope but we also offer customised printing using reel-fed flexo printing methods and lithographic print processes ranging from a simple single colour print right up to 4 colour process images.

Our Envelopes

Our product range can be separated into three areas of speciality – machine fill mailing wallets, our office range and our protective range. Our mailing wallets are designed specifically for use on automated envelope inserting machines and feature the main sizes used in mailing centres, offices and mailrooms. Our office range is ideally suited for business use as a plain stationery envelope but can also be supplied printed and personalised to a company’s specification. Our protective range offers envelopes for a vast array of different uses including boardback envelopes to prevent creasing and folding, expanding gusset envelopes for bulky mail, padded envelopes to protect against impact and tear resistant tamper proof envelopes.


Overprint Services

Lithographic printing is used for printing high quality and close register images. Our dedicated overprint department is designed for adding print to finished envelopes and as we manufacture our own stock and store it on site you can be sure of a consistent envelope quality and design every time you order. Many of our printers have worked with Trimfold for over 20 years ensuring the highest level of experience and expertise when it comes to printing your envelopes.

Overprint Services

Our Envelope Brands